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"We connect travelers on their delayed, cancelled and connecting flights!"

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The Problem

  • Airline travel can be stressful when it comes to delayed/cancelled flights
  • Travelers can be at the airport for hours waiting for flights
  • Airline crewmembers can sit for hours waiting for work
  • Corporate/Group travelers often lose each other when traveling through the airport

Our Solution

"SocialTravelr is a social networking app that makes layovers and flight delays more fun for travelers and airline crewmembers"

Mobile app

Makes it fun and easy to connect with each other at the airport


Airline employees will be able to connect with other employees on their sits

Solo travelers

Solo travelers will be able to connect with others.


Corporate and group travelers can easily keep tabs on each other.


How It Works

  • Set the airport you want to meet someone at
  • Add time and date of arrival
  • Set Activity: Grab some Food, Drink, Coffee or Chat
  • Discover and Find Friends that are at the airport
  • See someone cool or cute? Invite them and have a private chat to discuss further plans!

It's fun and easy!

About Me

I've been a flight attendant for almost a decade so I spend ninety percent of my life in the airports. One day as I was walking through O'hare, I saw a man at the bar having a drink by himself. I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be great if he could meet someone while waiting on his flight?" And so, I decided to create my app SocialTravelr.

I know traveling can be stressful, frustrating and boring at times. I created something that will make your journey less stressful. Take a chance by using this app to meet someone. You may meet a new friend or business connect!

Pamela Creighton
Founder SocialTravelr, Inc.
Creator of "Travel Is My Religion"
Flight Attendant